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The dark moody colours of the nineties-inspired beauty looks have set the scene for nails as well. Navy blues, navy-grays, green-grays and dark grays are all perfect shades for our finger tips. Here are some great choices.

Dior - Carre Bleu

CHANEL - Orage

Essie - The Perfect Cover Up

They're all perfect for a Fall 2014 nail. So get going and polish those nails right!


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DIY - Tea Tone Yourself

Toning is such an essential step in your cleansing routine. So why not tea tone!? Teas are readily consumed for their health benefits, so if they're good for our insides, they're even better for our outsides, right? 

Toners vitalize, freshen and pick up any oils and pollutants cleansers miss. They also add nourishment and hydration. So why is this a step we often skip? To get you excited, I've researched and discovered some easy tea toners that you can make in seconds and use every day.

Chamomile Toner
This tea toner nourishes and aids in treating puffiness and inflammation. It's also very refreshing. In order to make a toner from chamomile, boil some water, drop in a chamomile tea bag and steep for five minutes. Let it cool, refridgerate and there you have it - a chamomile toner. It's really that easy.

Green Tea Toner
We all know the long list of health benefits green tea has on our insides, however, it is  just as wonderful for your skin. Again, boil some water, drop in a green tea bag (or green tea leaves) and let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Keep it in the fridge and apply with a cotton pad. Add apple cider vinegar if you have troubled spots. ACV contains malic and lactic acids. It treats acne, promotes exfoliation and reduces red marks. This vinegar also regulates skin to its proper pH.

Mint Toner

Mint is said to be a perfect skin toner! It refreshes, stimulates, lightens and reduces redness. Add fresh mint leaves to boiled water and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain, cool and refrigerate.  

So there you have it: three easy toners that will give your skin much satisfaction. No more excuses! 

Warning: all tea toners expire in a week:)


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My Fall '14 Eyes

Fall is just around the corner and so is a makeup change. It's time to empty out your summer tote and restock your fall case. Let's start with Fall 2014 eyes. It's a mixed bag of colours and styles but these three looks are mine to wear.

The Brown Suede Smokey

These gray-brown eyes stole the Oscar de la Renta show for Fall 2014. It's a bit sultry for a day look but the image below, from Clarins, is a softer, more 'work-able' version. Perhaps without the dark water line and inner eye corner line. The neutral lip colour compliments well.

The Silver Sweep

I swooned when I saw this cloud-like eye on Richard Chai's Fall '14 catwalk. It's beautifully brightening! Silver reflects light so it's an excellent choice for tired eyes. However, if you have a few laugh lines, keep the shimmer light and on the inner half of your lid. A matte gray would be a complimentary contour to blend it out with.

The Red Punk

Rodarte's Fall '14 eye kept bringing me back for more. It's obviously way too intense for any occasion I'd be exposed to, but the colours are simply stunning. Inspired by “delicate and youthful beauty… ephemeral and nostalgic, creating a beautiful glow”. I agree. Yes it is a bit punk and glittery but I'm inspired. 


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DIY - Easy Eyeline Eraser

Eye cream is such a necessity for us ladies! Our skin is so delicate in these areas and it endures the most movement because we love to smile and have a good laugh. If you feel that your expressive nature is taking over, and some fine lines are a little more noticeable, read on. 

There are heaps of creams and serums on the market that claim to vanish these fine lines and brighten our dark bags, but they are expensive and contain so many extra 'filler'
ingredients that are totally unnecessary. For a natural moisturizer that targets that delicate under-eye area and boosts collagen production, you'll only need a mason jar and three ingredients!!!

  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 2 Vitamin E Capsules
  • 3 drops of Essential Rose Oil
Stir one half a cup of coconut oil into a smooth mixture, not too runny and not too clumpy. Break open the two vitamin E capsules and add the oil to the coconut oil. Mix until oils are dissolved with one another. This mixture alone is amazing, but if you have tired puffy eyes, the addition of essential rose oil will calm and brighten the bags. Store your remedy in the fridge so the consistency remains creamy and not melted/separated. The cooled formula will also feel amazing.

What an easy remedy to a common problem. Laugh away!!!


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