DIY - Easy Eyeline Eraser

Eye cream is such a necessity for us ladies! Our skin is so delicate in these areas and it endures the most movement because we love to smile and have a good laugh. If you feel that your expressive nature is taking over, and some fine lines are a little more noticeable, read on. 

There are heaps of creams and serums on the market that claim to vanish these fine lines and brighten our dark bags, but they are expensive and contain so many extra 'filler'
ingredients that are totally unnecessary. For a natural moisturizer that targets that delicate under-eye area and boosts collagen production, you'll only need a mason jar and three ingredients!!!

  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 2 Vitamin E Capsules
  • 3 drops of Essential Rose Oil
Stir one half a cup of coconut oil into a smooth mixture, not too runny and not too clumpy. Break open the two vitamin E capsules and add the oil to the coconut oil. Mix until oils are dissolved with one another. This mixture alone is amazing, but if you have tired puffy eyes, the addition of essential rose oil will calm and brighten the bags. Store your remedy in the fridge so the consistency remains creamy and not melted/separated. The cooled formula will also feel amazing.

What an easy remedy to a common problem. Laugh away!!!


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Low & Long

Everywhere I turn I see skyline of high ponies and buns. I stand in the mix. But ladies! It's time to shift from high to low. Low and long ponies are the stylish way for summer locks. It was a statement in Spring, and it's pushing through. 

Kind of Low,

Or Way Low,

Either way, it's due time to do the swap.


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A Creative Featured!

Check us out!

Thank you to everyone involved! It was such an inspiring shoot!

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My Spring Eyes

These eye looks for Spring '14 are on the top of my list. They're unique, with a dash of bold, and a strong hint of fun!

A Lower Statement

The mystic smudgy lower line is SO killer for spring. Liner should applied softly, with a medium fluff angled brush, using eyeshadow. Eye liner is a bit too intense; you can look racoon-like very quickly once you smudge it out!

Pink Dust

I've been dusting my lids with pink every morning for the past month. I start with a bit of orange shadow in my crease, blend it out, then I add an intense dash of pink in the outer corner and sweep it into the orange. (I also add gray shadow to my lower lash line!)

Intense Lines

A stroke of bold liner, combined with a soft lip, is perfectly flirty for a sundress.  Loads of mascara makes this look a bit edgier if that's your style.


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