Hair is your BEST Accessory

I love this tousled, somewhat dishevelled, up do. It's easy to create, but it does take a little time. I styled this for a bride that wanted something soft and unstructured. But this look is hot this fall and can be worn any day, anywhere.

To achieve this look, hair needs to be a day old. Spray hair with a heat styling aid (I like Redkin's Spray Starch 15). Don't foget to spray underneath. Set with hot rollers (ceramic ones work best) for 30 minutes, or until rollers have cooled. Don't worry about being perfect. If your hair is already wavy, this step isn't needed.

Once set, remove rollers and take top section and clip on the top or your head (we'll add this section in at the end). Take the rest of the hair and  put into a low pony-tail. Tease pony slightly to create volume. Next, divide pony into 4 or 5 sections and with each section, let the hair naturally fall while pinning and securing with bobby pins, covering the base of the pony (the elastic). After each section, check for balance. Once all sections are secured you should start to achieve a messy but organized bun. 

To finish this look, take the hair clipped on top, tease for volume at the crown, then add to the bun, allowing hair to fall naturally while curling with your fingers and  securing with a bobby. Be light with your touch. 

Be sure to pull down a few bits to frame your face & spray, spray, spray to keep this dishevelled look organized.