What Every Woman Should Know About Shaving

I cannot believe what I just learned about SHAVING! After discussing razor burn with a client, I decided doing a bit of research on the subject could be interesting. I love learning natural remedies for things like this, so I made some coffee and hit the web. Well, I guess I should have known, strippers are the definite experts in this category, and they shared their tricks. 

1. Exfloliate. Nothing expensive necessary, a cheap scrub, a loofah with soap or even regular white sugar works great.
2. Don't use shaving cream, use HAIR CONDITIONER. Weird, but it actually works better! Obviously don't use your expensive professional brands; just the cheapest brand at the drug store.
3. Never store your razors in the shower. They do not like moisture, and will last WAY longer stored in a drawer!
4. More weird. Shave in the direction of hair growth first (whoa), then against the hair growth, then from side to side (double whoa). Well, I tried both with and against the hair growth, and I did get smoother finsh. I did not, however, go from side to side. Felt a little unnatural, and a bit scary.
5. Finally, after you get out of the shower, use unscented lotion on you legs, and DEODORANT on your bikini and underarm areas. Apparently this is a common trick among strippers that they swear by.

So there you have it. Razor burn happens to the best of us. Maybe a little stripper advice will go a long way.