All Eyes Are On Green

I'm all over this green smokey-eye trend. It's alluring, super-stylish and extremely holiday friendly, not because it's green, but because it's so rich and opulent. However, it can look quite opposite if you don't choose the correct shade for your eye colour. You don't want be the one with the green shadow!

Here's a quick lesson in colour theory. There are two types of each eye colour; one is a warm version, while the other is cool. If you have eyes with yellow, gold or brown flecks, your eyes are on the warm side. If your eyes have gray or black flecks, your eyes are generally cool. Warm shades of green suit warm eyes and cool shades of green suit cool eyes. Warm blue eyes and cool brown eyes can sometimes work both warm and cool shades.

If you have warm eyes, you would best suit green shades that have yellow, gold, copper or bronze in them. Here are a few examples...

If you have cool eyes, you would best suit green shades with hints of blues, grays, silvers and charcoals. Here are a few ideas...

Add black at the outer corner and sweep it through your crease for a more dramatic eye or line your upper and lower lash lines with black eye liner and smudge it out. Never (ever) combine your green shadow with green eyeliner.

Remember, less is more. You want to be the one with the beautiful eyes!


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My Green Shadow Muse

I'm 100% smitten with this winter look. I LOVE her green smokey eyes. I love her skin. And her lip colour isn't bad either. Please. She's perfect. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to learn what green shades go with your eye colour.


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Beauty Bits...

... for the winter bride. A bronzed bride in a winter setting looks a bit out of place, don't you think? Unless, of course, you live somewhere where the winters are sunny and beachy. But with icicles and frost in the NW, a winter bride needs to suit her snowy backdrop and crisp winter skies. Here are three looks that breathe winter.

The Vintage Bride
Nothing oozes classic like pale skin, cat-lined eyes and striking red lips. It's dramatic,  feminine and always beautiful. Red lips look stunning against a white backdrop, and black liner brings out any eye. Combine this with false lashes, and all eyes will be on the bride. This makeup is quite powerful, but it can easily be toned down to suit you. There is also no fuss with this makeup since both liner and lip colour can be made to last!

The Classic Bride
This look is so breath-taking and elegant: soft smokey eyes combined with peachy-pink blusher and light lips leave a bride looking effortless and ethereal. The contouring is subtle and soft, and her skin is ivory and flawless.  The eye makeup can be altered to suit any shape, and the lips can be brightened up a bit without losing the classic feel.

The Playful Bride
I love this look. I love the winter rosy cheeks that bring out such a feminine quality. It's so fresh and youthful. The red lips on this ginger bride are out-of-this-world! It's such a trendy application, but it's absolutely breath-taking. The rosy blusher can easily be softened and I would be inclined to add some individual lashes just to ensure her eyes don't get lost in photos. 

For bridal consultations please contact us at Glossed Studio. We love beautifying brides! Call 778-998-0332 or email us at glossedstudio@gmail.com.


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My 'I Do' Muse

A pop of something blue for Oscar de la Renta's 2013 Bride...

... & Oscar de la Renta's 2013 Bridesmaid.

I approve:)


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Beauty Bits...

... for brush lovers. Brushes are the key ingredient for beautiful shadow application; the shape, the way it tapers, the size.... all of this matters. Brush 224 is cited as the-brush-to-have according to beauty bloggers and makeup artists world over and I couldn't agree more. MAC Senior Artist Keri Blair can't express her love for this brush enough...
“hands down, this brush is great for blending, blending and blending… It’s been an extension of my right hand for over 13 years. The tip of the brush picks up the color and all the tapered hairs help to move the product out and across the eye.”

According to MAC artists, Brush 224 was designed for controlled eye shadow application. The brush is full of soft fibres which taper to form a medium size dome shape. This creates the ideal brush shape for blending. I use mine every single day. And I use mine every single time I do an application on someone. I have three of them presently. Two in my kit, and one in my personal makeup bag. 

Eyeshadow 101 

After you apply your shadow base, apply a small bit of your darkest shadow into your crease (3) and blend it slightly up, in and out. A little shadow goes a long way, so dab excess powder off on a tissue before applying it to your lid. It's easier to add more than to take away.Then take your medium colour and apply it around the top and outer edges of your dark shadow(2) and blend some more. This will help blend out the darker shadow. Then, take your lightest colour, and add it to your brow bone (1), and in the inner corners (1), blending this into your medium and dark shadows. 

Happy blending.


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Rainy Day Hair - Part Three

Fishtails are perfect for fall rainy days. They're ultra trendy, totally waterproof and can easily be turned into sexy beach waves for an evening look. The braid gives the illusion of being difficult and complicated, when in fact it's one of the simplest forms of braiding. These six simple steps will give you the technique on how to create a fishtail braid. The only tip I can give is to emphasize the importance of tightening up every time you cross a new strand over (Step B & E). Your wrists may get sore, but work through it! You'll be happy in the end.

Mess it up by pulling out the strands for a slept-in, no fuss look.

Or create two and wrap them up for a fancy up-do!

Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be super chic. Good luck!



My Weekly Muse

There is nothing in this world that can take an ordinary look to extraordinary other than THE FISHTAIL BRAID. It stands alone has one of the hottest hair trends for 2012. Why? Simply because it's a no fuss look that takes minutes to create, but it's effect lasts for hours. 

I can't get enough of this look. Learn how to do this look in Rainy Day Hair - Part Three. Coming Soon!!!


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Beauty Bits...

... for sweet, soft & supple skin. These are my top six essential ingredients that I look for in any skincare product I purchase. Not one will have them all, but I am careful to ensure I get most of them between my serums, moisturizers and cleansers. Here's a brief summary of why each one is important.

1. VITAMINS E, A, B, C & K
  • Vitamin E is great for moisturizing and anti-aging. 
  • Vitamin A is great for anti-aging and bringing new cells to the surface.
  • Vitamin B is awesome for dry skin and for evening out your skin tone. 
  • Vitamin C is good for anti-aging and brightening.
  • Vitamin K for helping to reduce dark circles around the eyes.
AHAs stimulate collagen production and help skin to retain its elasticity. It also accelerates exfoliation to reveal fresh skin.
Salicylic acid helps improve your skin’s texture and color and is said to be much easier on the skin than AHAs.
For a inexpensive DIY salicylic acid treatment read A Face Miracle.
Retinol stimulates skin cell renewal! It's a derivative of Vitamin A, which penetrates the outer layer of skin and helps skin to repair and rouse collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are responsible for helping your skin look smooth and firm. Retinol A can be drying, so use this in moderation.
Peptides help increase the production of collagen and reduce the signs of aging. It's also known as Argirilene or Pentapeptide-3.
Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help to soothe your skin. Also, green tea extract helps fight off free radicals to reverse sun damage.
Lastly, I look for products that don’t have a lot of fragrance, color, or additives that could irritate my skin. And don't forget to use a daily moisturizer with an SPF! 


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Rainy Day Hair - Part Two

A perfect rainy day do is beach hair. It's wavy, slightly messy, and it totally loves humidity. There are a few methods to achieve this look and they're all super easy. 

DIY Beach Waves...

The NO-HEAT Method:
This is the best way to achieve beach hair. First, spritz your hair with a little water (or even better, sea salt spray) to dampen it. Then, grab all your hair at the back, divide it into two or three sections*, and twist the sections until they begin to wind into small twisted buns. Secure each bun with a few bobby pins or an elastic band. Don't worry about perfection, just be sure it's tight and secure. Allow the buns to set for a minimum of two hours. After your time is up, unravel the twists gently and finger comb, joining the sections together. Scrunch it with a dime size amount of light wax, or a wax mousse for added texture and set with a bit of hairspray. 
Time Saver: Try sleeping in the twists, or do the twists straight when you wake up and let them set until you reach your next appointment. Then, unravel, finger through and crunch with some wax.

The HEAT Methods:
Spritz your hair generously with a heat protective spray. Section your hair into two or three sections at the back, and one section at the crown area. Take a section and loosely braid or twist, then with a flat iron, press the braid or twist working from the root to the tip, clamping for about 7-10 seconds each press. Allow your braids or twists to set for twenty minutes or so. After time is up, unravel the sections with your fingers and join the sections together. Work in a bit of wax for texture and set with some hairspray. 

Another heat method is to curl your hair with a straightener, let set for 20 minutes, finger through (or comb out if you have a strong curl) and work in some wax for needed texture.  

*For all methods, keep in mind, the bigger the section the looser the wave. If your sections are too small, you will get kinky hair. If your hair is quite fine and thin, it would be a better idea to get a diffuser.

Good luck!

Check out Rainy Day Hair - Part One & Rainy Day Hair - Part Three for more humidity-friendly ideas. 


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My Weekly Muse

I love this look. I love her lips. I love her eyes. But mostly, I love her hair. 

Learn how to do this in tomorrow's blog: Rainy Day Hair - Part Two. 


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Beauty Bits...

... for red wine lips. Fall-Winter 2012-13 is all about bringing back the intense, red wine lip. It's been a few decades since this shade has made its way on the run ways, and it looks as though it's going to stay for awhile. It's bold, it's dramatic and it's so what I want to be wearing this season. Read on for seven simple tips that ensure red wine lip perfection.

For medium to dark skin tones usually most shades of wine lipstick will suit you. For those with pale complexions, opt for lighter shades. Add some colour to your cheeks to prevent that washed out look.

Exfoliating the lips will start you with a much needed smooth base. There is nothing worse than flakey lips. Applying a balm will help condition them (be sure to give in 5 minutes to soak in), and using a lip liner will give your lipstick something to stick to.

Applying lipstick with your finger naturally gives you a softer look, which is ideal for daytime.

For nighttime, apply straight from the tube for better intensity.

Always blot the first coat then apply again. Building the colour gradually will help it stay put longer.

Be prepared for transfer. You are sure to leave traces of colour on glasses and mugs (etc.!) so always carry a compact mirror for necessary touch ups.

Lastly, keep the rest of your makeup soft and minimalistic. Wine-coloured lips are a statement that should stand alone.

Good luck.


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Rainy Day Hair - Part One

The rain is most definitely here and it's here for a long while, in Vancouver anyways! So I thought it was excellent timing for a rainy day hair series. There is nothing worse than have perfectly pretty hair before you leave your house, only to have it turn into a big frizz by the time you get to next appointment. First up: the messy bun. The messy bun is the best do for rainy weather. 

DIY - The Messy Bun
Gather your hair and finger comb it into a high pony and fasten with an elastic. Take your pony, with tips to the ceiling, and backcomb with a brush until it's a mess of tangle. Then, brush out to visible outside layer of the pony. Be sure to keep the mass of tease on the inside to ensure the pony has good volume. Next, take the pony ends and begin twist it lightly around the base. Start pinning to secure and be sure to look in the mirror to keep it uniform and centred. End with a generous coating of hair spray. 

And why not add a little something for extra flare... 

I'm known for my messy bun. I do it because it's quick and easy. But I do it most often in rainy weather (and early mornings!).


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